Stock List

1 2GO 2GO Group, Inc.
2 8990P 8990 Holdings, Inc.
3 AAA Asia Amalgamated Holdings Corporation
4 AB Atok-Big Wedge Co., Inc.
5 ABA AbaCore Capital Holdings, Inc.
6 ABG Asiabest Group International Inc.
7 ABS ABS-CBN Corporation
8 ABSP ABS-CBN Holdings Corporation
9 AC Ayala Corporation
10 ACE Acesite (Phils.) Hotel Corporation
11 ACEN AC Energy Philippines, Inc.
12 ACEX ACE Enexor, Inc
13 ACPA Ayala Corporation
14 ACPB1 Ayala Corporation
15 ACR Alsons Consolidated Resources, Inc.
16 AEV Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.
17 AGI Alliance Global Group, Inc.
18 ALCO Arthaland Corporation
19 ALCPB Arthaland Corporation
20 ALCPC Arthaland Corporation
21 ALHI Anchor Land Holdings, Inc.
22 ALI Ayala Land, Inc.
23 ALLHC AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp.
24 ANI AgriNurture, Inc.
25 ANS A. Soriano Corporation
26 AP Aboitiz Power Corporation
27 APB2R Ayala Corporation
28 APC APC Group, Inc.
29 APL Apollo Global Capital, Inc.
30 APO Anglo Philippine Holdings Corporation
31 APVI Altus Property Ventures, Inc.
32 APX Apex Mining Co., Inc.
33 AR Abra Mining and Industrial Corporation
34 ARA Araneta Properties, Inc.
36 AT Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation
37 ATI Asian Terminals, Inc.
38 ATN ATN Holdings, Inc.
39 ATNB ATN Holdings, Inc.
40 AUB Asia United Bank Corporation
41 AXLM Axelum Resources Corp.
42 BC Benguet Corporation
43 BCB Benguet Corporation
44 BCOR Berjaya Philippines Inc.
45 BCP Benguet Corporation
46 BDO BDO Unibank, Inc.
47 BEL Belle Corporation
48 BH BHI Holdings, Inc.
49 BHI Boulevard Holdings, Inc.
50 BKR Bright Kindle Resources & Investments Inc.
51 BLFI BDO Leasing and Finance, Inc.
52 BLOOM Bloomberry Resorts Corporation
53 BMM Bogo-Medellin Milling Company, Inc.
54 BPI Bank of the Philippine Islands
55 BRN A Brown Company, Inc.
56 BSC Basic Energy Corporation
57 C Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp.
58 CA Concrete Aggregates Corporation
59 CAB Concrete Aggregates Corporation
60 CAT Central Azucarera de Tarlac, Inc.
61 CDC Cityland Development Corporation
62 CEB Cebu Air, Inc.
63 CEI Crown Equities, Inc.
64 CEU Centro Escolar University
65 CHI Cebu Holdings, Incorporated
66 CHIB China Banking Corporation
67 CHP Cemex Holdings Philippines, Inc.
68 CIC Concepcion Industrial Corporation
69 CIP Chemical Industries of the Philippines, Inc.
70 CLI Cebu Landmasters, Inc.
71 CNPF Century Pacific Food, Inc.
72 CNVRG Converge Information and Communications Technology Solutions, Inc.
73 COAL Coal Asia Holdings Incorporated
74 COL COL Financial Group, Inc.
75 COSCO Cosco Capital, Inc.
76 CPG Century Properties Group, Inc.
77 CPGP Century Properties Group, Inc.
78 CPM Century Peak Holdings Corporation
79 CPV Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation
80 CPVB Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation
81 CROWN Crown Asia Chemicals Corporation
82 CSB Citystate Savings Bank, Inc.
83 CYBR Cyber Bay Corporation
84 DAVIN Da Vinci Capital Holdings, Inc.
85 DD Doubledragon Properties Corp.
86 DDPR Doubledragon Properties Corp.
87 DELM Del Monte Pacific Limited
88 DFNN DFNN, Inc.
89 DITO DITO CME Holdings Corp.
90 DIZ Dizon Copper-Silver Mines, Inc.
91 DMC DMCI Holdings, Inc.
92 DMCP DMCI Holdings, Inc.
93 DMPA1 Del Monte Pacific Limited
94 DMPA2 Del Monte Pacific Limited
96 DNA Philab Holdings Corp.
97 DNL D&L Industries, Inc.
99 DWC Discovery World Corporation
100 EAGLE Eagle Cement Corporation
101 ECP EasyCall Communications Philippines, Inc.
102 EEI EEI Corporation
103 EG IP E-Game Ventures, Inc.
104 EIBA Export and Industry Bank, Inc.
105 EIBB Export and Industry Bank, Inc.
106 ELI Empire East Land Holdings, Inc.
107 EMP Emperador Inc.
108 EURO Euro-Med Laboratories Phil., Inc.
109 EVER Ever-Gotesco Resources and Holdings, Inc.
110 EW East West Banking Corporation
111 FAF First Abacus Financial Holdings Corporation
112 FB San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc.
113 FBP San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc.
114 FBP2 San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc.
115 FDC Filinvest Development Corporation
116 FERRO Ferronoux Holdings, Inc.
117 FEU Far Eastern University, Incorporated
118 FFI Filipino Fund, Inc.
119 FGEN First Gen Corporation
120 FGENG First Gen Corporation
121 FJP F & J Prince Holdings Corporation
122 FJPB F & J Prince Holdings Corporation
123 FLI Filinvest Land, Inc.
124 FMETF First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange Traded Fund, Inc.
125 FNI Global Ferronickel Holdings, Inc.
126 FOOD Alliance Select Foods International, Inc.
127 FPH First Philippine Holdings Corporation
128 FPHPC First Philippine Holdings Corporation
129 FPI Forum Pacific, Inc.
130 FRUIT Fruitas Holdings, Inc.
131 FYN Filsyn Corporation
132 FYNB Filsyn Corporation
133 GEO GEOGRACE Resources Philippines, Inc.
134 GERI Global-Estate Resorts, Inc.
135 GLO Globe Telecom, Inc.
136 GLOPA Globe Telecom, Inc.
137 GLOPP Globe Telecom, Inc.
138 GMA7 GMA Network, Inc.
139 GMAP GMA Holdings, Inc.
140 GPH Grand Plaza Hotel Corporation
141 GREEN Greenergy Holdings Incorporated
142 GSMI Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.
143 GTCAP GT Capital Holdings, Inc.
144 GTPPA GT Capital Holdings, Inc.
145 GTPPB GT Capital Holdings, Inc.
146 HI House of Investments, Inc.
147 HLCM Holcim Philippines, Inc.
148 HOME AllHome Corp.
149 HOUSE 8990 Holdings, Inc.
150 HVN Golden Bria Holdings, Inc.
151 I I-Remit, Inc.
152 ICT International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
153 IDC Italpinas Development Corporation
154 IMI Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc.
155 IMP Imperial Resources, Inc.
156 ION Ionics, Inc.
157 IPM IPM Holdings, Inc..
158 IPO iPeople, inc.
159 IRC Philippine Infradev Holdings, Inc.
160 IS Island Information & Technology, Inc.
161 JAS Jackstones, Inc.
162 JFC Jollibee Foods Corporation
163 JGS JG Summit Holdings, Inc.
164 JOH Jolliville Holdings Corporation
165 KEP Keppel Philippines Properties, Inc.
166 KPH Keppel Philippines Holdings, Inc.
167 KPHB Keppel Philippines Holdings, Inc.
168 KPPI Kepwealth Property Phils., Inc.
169 LAND City & Land Developers, Incorporated
170 LBC LBC Express Holdings, Inc.
171 LC Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company
172 LCB Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company
173 LFM Liberty Flour Mills, Inc.
174 LIHC Lodestar Investment Holdings Corporation
175 LMG LMG Corp.
176 LOTO Pacific Online Systems Corporation
177 LPZ Lopez Holdings Corporation
178 LR Leisure & Resorts World Corporation
179 LRP Leisure & Resorts World Corporation
180 LRW Leisure & Resorts World Corporation
181 LSC Lorenzo Shipping Corporation
182 LTG LT Group, Inc.
183 MA Manila Mining Corporation
184 MAB Manila Mining Corporation
185 MAC MacroAsia Corporation
186 MACAY Macay Holdings, Inc.
187 MAH Metro Alliance Holdings & Equities Corp.
188 MAHB Metro Alliance Holdings & Equities Corp.
189 MARC Marcventures Holdings, Inc.
190 MAXS Max's Group, Inc.
191 MB Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation
192 MBC Manila Broadcasting Company
193 MBT Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company
194 MED MEDCO Holdings, Inc.
195 MEG Megaworld Corporation
196 MER Manila Electric Company
197 MFC Manulife Financial Corporation
198 MFIN Makati Finance Corporation
199 MG Millennium Global Holdings, Inc.
200 MGH Metro Global Holdings Corporation
201 MHC Mabuhay Holdings Corporation
202 MJC Manila Jockey Club, Inc.
203 MJIC MJC Investments Corporation
204 MM MerryMart Consumer Corp.
205 MPI Metro Pacific Investments Corporation
206 MRC MRC Allied, Inc.
207 MRSGI Metro Retail Stores Group, Inc.
208 MVC Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation
209 MWC Manila Water Company, Inc.
210 MWIDE Megawide Construction Corporation
211 MWP Megawide Construction Corporation
212 MWP2A Megawide Construction Corporation
213 MWP2B Megawide Construction Corporation
214 NI NiHAO Mineral Resources International, Inc.
215 NIKL Nickel Asia Corporation
216 NOW Now Corporation
217 NRCP National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines
218 NXGEN NextGenesis Corporation
219 OM Omico Corporation
220 OPM Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corporation
221 OPMB Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corporation
222 ORE Oriental Peninsula Resources Group, Inc.
223 OV The Philodrill Corporation
224 PA Pacifica Holdings, Inc.
225 PAL PAL Holdings, Inc.
226 PAX Paxys, Inc.
227 PBB Philippine Business Bank
228 PBC Philippine Bank of Communications
229 PCOR Petron Corporation
230 PCP PICOP Resources, Inc.
231 PERC PetroEnergy Resources Corporation
232 PGOLD Puregold Price Club, Inc.
233 PHA Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation
234 PHC Philcomsat Holdings Corporation
235 PHES Philippine Estates Corporation
236 PHN Phinma Corporation
237 PHR PH Resorts Group Holdings, Inc.
239 PLC Premium Leisure Corp.
240 PMPC Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation
241 PMT Primetown Property Group, Inc.
242 PNB Philippine National Bank
243 PNC Philippine National Construction Corporation
244 PNX Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.
245 PNX3A Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.
246 PNX3B Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.
247 PNX4 Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.
248 PNXP Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.
249 PORT Globalport 900, Inc.
250 PPC Pryce Corporation
251 PRC Philippine Racing Club, Inc.
252 PRF2A Petron Corporation
253 PRF2B Petron Corporation
254 PRF3A Petron Corporation
255 PRF3B Petron Corporation
256 PRIM Prime Media Holdings, Inc.
257 PRMX Primex Corporation
258 PSB Philippine Savings Bank
259 PSE The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc.
260 PTC Philippine Trust Company
261 PTT Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
262 PX Philex Mining Corporation
263 PXP PXP Energy Corporation
264 RCB Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
265 RCI Roxas and Company, Inc.
266 REG Republic Glass Holdings Corporation
267 RFM RFM Corporation
268 RLC Robinsons Land Corporation
269 RLT Philippine Realty and Holdings Corporation
270 ROCK Rockwell Land Corporation
271 ROX Roxas Holdings, Inc.
272 RRHI Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.
273 SBS SBS Philippines Corporation
274 SCC Semirara Mining and Power Corporation
275 SECB Security Bank Corporation
276 SEVN Philippine Seven Corporation
277 SFI Swift Foods, Inc.
278 SFIP Swift Foods, Inc.
279 SGI Solid Group, Inc.
280 SGP Synergy Grid & Development Phils., Inc.
282 SHNG Shang Properties, Inc.
283 SLF Sun Life Financial Inc.
284 SLI Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.
285 SM SM Investments Corporation
286 SMC San Miguel Corporation
287 SMC2A San Miguel Corporation
288 SMC2B San Miguel Corporation
289 SMC2C San Miguel Corporation
290 SMC2D San Miguel Corporation
291 SMC2E San Miguel Corporation
292 SMC2F San Miguel Corporation
293 SMC2G San Miguel Corporation
294 SMC2H San Miguel Corporation
295 SMC2I San Miguel Corporation
296 SMC2J San Miguel Corporation
297 SMC2K San Miguel Corporation
298 SMCP1 San Miguel Corporation
299 SMPH SM Prime Holdings, Inc.
300 SOC SOCResources, Inc.
301 SPC SPC Power Corporation
302 SPM Seafront Resources Corporation
303 SRDC Supercity Realty Development Corporation
304 SSI SSI Group, Inc.
305 SSP SFA Semicon Philippines Corporation
306 STI STI Education Systems Holdings, Inc.
307 STN Steniel Manufacturing Corporation
308 STR Vistamalls, Inc.
309 SUN Suntrust Home Developers, Inc.
310 T TKC Metals Corporation
311 TBGI Transpacific Broadband Group Int`l. Inc.
312 TECB2 Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation
313 TECH Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation
314 TEL PLDT Inc.
315 TFC PTFC Redevelopment Corporation
316 TFHI Top Frontier Investment Holdings, Inc.
317 TLII PLDT Inc.
318 TLJJ PLDT Inc.
319 TUGS Harbor Star Shipping Services, Inc.
320 UBP Union Bank of the Philippines, Inc.
321 UNI Unioil Resources & Holdings Company, Inc.
322 UPM United Paragon Mining Corporation
323 URC Universal Robina Corporation
324 V Vantage Equities, Inc.
325 VITA Vitarich Corporation
326 VLL Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc.
327 VMC Victorias Milling Company, Inc.
328 VUL Vulcan Industrial & Mining Corporation
329 VVT Vivant Corporation
330 WEB PhilWeb Corporation
331 WIN Wellex Industries, Incorporated
332 WLCON Wilcon Depot, Inc.
333 WPI Waterfront Philippines, Incorporated
334 X Xurpas Inc.
335 ZHI Zeus Holdings, Inc.